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What Our Friends are Saying:

I just used some of my henna from the henna class on a friend’s feet tonight and thought I would share a pic. I really loved meeting you all at the class and look forward to coming to more events! I had a wonderful and happy time in the presence of such kind and intelligent ladies. Thank you!!!

Elayssa T.

Hello, My name is David. My experience with the The Girls Girl Club is such a positive one, that i feel very comfortable being in the club. I took part in Alisha’s crochet class, where I was taught the basics in which I turned that into crocheting a nice poncho for my granddaughter as a Christmas gift. I felt nothing but a positive energy surrounded by beautifully heart people. Thank you, to The Girls Girl Club.
David T.

When I was going through a really emotionally and physically traumatic period, last year, the club really came to my rescue in ways that even my local friends did not. I received cards full of love, gifts, messages, and just felt really held by the girls. It was amazing and I’m tearing up just thinking about it. I even got a steady stream of inspirational messages on cards and I have no idea who even sent them. I am grateful for this group and one could say I owe you ladies my life.

Julia B.

I discovered Girls Girls at a Planned Parenthood tattoo fundraiser when I picked a design Kimmy had made of a little UFO that said “Girls Girls.” Since I’m transgender, I asked Kimmy if it would be okay if I changed it to say “trans.” She ecstatically said yes, and we’ve been friends ever since. A lot of feminists end up being TERFs (trans exclusive radical feminists) who believe that trans women are men trying to invade women’s spaces, and that trans masculine people such as myself are really women. Thankfully, Kimmy and the rest of Girls Girls are not TERFs, and have gone out of their way to be inclusive of Ventura County’s transgender community, including board members coming to trainings that aim to educate people about the transgender community. It’s very hard for transgender people to find accepting spaces, and Girls Girls make sure their spaces are safe for the transgender community.
Jude G.

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