Morgan Allain with her Muse series
Morgan’s use of color palettes is subtle and delicate.
Morgan’s Ziggy Stardust
Unicorn watercolor @theinklinggirl

Morgan Allain, AKA The Inkling Girl, is a pop culture artist with a twist based in DeQuincy, Louisiana. From her tiny watercolor portraits of friends and Disney princesses, to her button collections inspired by “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and “Mean Girls”, Morgan’s whimsical aesthetic draws you into her awesome girl power. We seized the opportunity to feature her as our first “Artist We Dig”!

GGC: We love your artistic style, and especially admire your muse series using real models from your life. What inspired you to paint them?  MA: Initially, I was inspired by a selfie my beautiful friend Kimmy posted online. I painted her, and it snowballed from there! GGC: Where do you find your inspiration? MA: Everywhere! Nature, experiences, photos, pop culture… GGC: Are there any other artists who inspire you? MA: Yes. So many! In particular, my husband is an artist and has so many skills I lack. He inspires me to improve and step up my game. GGC: Where do you receive encouragement?  Have other women supported you through your artistic journey? MA: My family especially has always encouraged my artistic endeavors, and I have a wonderful core of friends who have supported me throughout the years. I would have to say that other women especially support me. Women disproportionately buy my art, share my word, and give me positive feedback. It’s wonderful! GGC: Have you ever faced any bullying or similar behavior from other women? How has that impacted who you are? MA: I’ve been fortunate to have faced very little negativity in the realm of my art and business, I’ve been lifted up so much more than I’ve been put down. GGC: What things have you learned that have made you a better artist or person? MA: I’ve learned to say no. I’ve learned that taking care of myself directly impacts my art. I’ve learned how to turn down work that I’m not enthusiastic about, and to only take on art projects that I can put passion into. My art is better for it, and so am I. GGC: Who are some other female artists that you’re currently obsessed with? MA: There are so many, but just a few that I really love are: Edith LeBeau, Mab Graves, Johanna Ost, Mary Esther Munoz, Daneisha Davis-Harger, Stef Azevedo, and Amy Abshier GGC: What advice would you offer other mothers on how to raise a Girls Girl? MA: I’m trying to teach my daughter to be strong, kind, responsible, self-assured, and willing to work…but sometimes in the day-to-day of being a mom I lose clarity and realize I’m just getting through the day. And that’s okay. Some days, you just get through, and on those days you can teach through example and compromise.   Where to buy Morgan’s fantastic art: Social Media: @theinklinggirl  

Morgan and her husband have a series of animal skeleton sketches and prints. You can check them out in her Etsy store.
Morgan’s work also featured succulents, which she paints in vivd detail.
This darling manatee embodies what a lot of us strive for… the mermaid life!
Morgan and her daughter are like two peas in a pod.