Origami is the Japanese art of paper folding. Apart from being a great tool in developing spatial reasoning and geometric understanding, origami also teaches patience and concentration.  It is also therapeutic and creates a sense of achievement.  Mostly its just fun and cool. In this workshop you will learn how to follow folding instructions on your own, and we’ll use the origami to make holiday cards and ornaments.

$20 donation/ticket
16+ unless accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Due to space considerations, a workshop in our studio is limited to about 10 participants. Register to reserve your spot!

Mychal Arata, Origami Artist
My love affair with paper started in second grade. Origami was just a fun hobby for years. Then I started doing shows at Stoneworks for Michele Chapin and Guy Wilson. That’s when I really started to take the origami and turn it into art.
I started with smaller pieces and that sparked the idea for the Origami Experience. I created an installation for Artwalk 2016 comprised of nearly 2,000 pieces of origami. Together they created a forest meadow, including a water fall, pond, fish, grass, flowers, butterflies, mushrooms, a tree, and birds.
Recently, I made an entire ensemble, including a dress, purse, shoes, and crown all made out of Origami. I strutted the runway at the Ventura County Museum’s wearable art show in a dress made from recycled paper. The project took over 100 hours and about 350 individual pieces of Origami.
I’m also an educator. I have 13 years of experience with VUSD. Currently, I do private tutoring for grades K-8. I can’t wait to combine my passion for education with my obsession for paper.

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